About Parker

The Parker Pen company is a manufacturer of luxury pens, which was founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker in the USA. In 1894 Parker has received a patent for its Lucky Curve ink delivery system, which draws excess ink back into the pen body when the pen is not in use. The Lucky Curve was used in various forms until 1928. After this invention, Parker Pen ventures across the Atlantic and opens a distribution business in London. The British office sends Parker Parkers all over the continent.
Although regular ballpoint pens appeared in the mid-1940s, Parker waited until 1954 to complete the collection with the Parker Jotter, the first quality fountain pen with a large capacity refill. It was definitely worth the wait. In 1956 Parker designers have unveiled their latest breakthrough, the Parker 61, which is the first self-filling fountain pen designed to 'self' draw ink from the bottle by capillary action. In 1960 Parker created the first capsule parker, named after the Colt 45 pistol. in 1993 presented collection Sonnet - a real bestseller. Inspired by the great models of the past, it also introduces cutting-edge new technologies. in 2010 Parker surprised us with a wonderful ultra-smooth, ultra-quick drying hybrid ink - Quinkflow. In 2011 a new age of pens has arrived. Parker Ingenuity takes the writing world by storm with Parker's unique, innovative 5THTM technology. in 2013 the ever-youthful Parker turns 125. He's still creating, fueled by new ideas, just like he was on day one.